Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Myths of Fighting..Change your Mindset!

Never Hit First – Another notion from childhood – because what’s the first thing that your dad or a teacher asked you after a fight? Wasn’t it “who hit who first?”
Well research proves that hitting first means you’ve got a darn good chance to win the fight. You’ve initiated surprise, dismay, got the guy back on his heels, and have an excellent opportunity to keep up the pressure until you can end the threat. Everything you want.
Oh... but wait... that’s right... you can’t hit first. Teacher said so.
It’s time to grow up and get away from this kind of thinking – it’s just plain dangerous.

Let’s forget fist-fighting for a second and think about it as a gun fight. Would you allow an armed opponent the first shot? I sure hope not. Same goes with hand-to-hand combat. Do NOT freely give away your main advantage because of some misguided idea.
Fair Fight – This is more common than you’d imagine. Stuff like don’t hit a guy with glasses... no hair pulling... no biting... no eye gouging... and so on. If you actually believe this, you need to add one more to the list... no fighting.
It’s like the British officers who were so disgusted with the way “unchivalrous” American colonials fought. Those savages actually “unfairly” shot at them from behind trees and bushes. How uncouth.
Let me be clear... in a fight you want an unfair advantage. You never want to purposely give away anything that may give your adversary the edge.
In one of the videotaped street fights I researched, there was a young man who had his face nearly bit off in a vicious attack. He kept screaming out “no fair... he’s biting... he’s biting...”
I still get shivers thinking about that poor kid.
I only hope you will not be as naïve. You must assume that your adversary will do anything – and that he plays by NO rules. I know it’s an ugly thought, but you must treat every fight like it’s a life or death battle. The idea that you can somehow remain a “gentleman” puts you in an extremely vulnerable position.

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