Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Exercise Choice and You

As most of you know I seldom get on Face Book. While I do think Face Book is an awesome tool for finding old friends and is a great social media for business. I have to say I find it sad how some use it in a negative manner. I've watched and read some postings that I sit back and think why would anyone write such a thing for others to read?

When it comes to exercise programs it is our belief that when a person finds a program or a business that helps them better their lives then that is the program best suited for them. It's a well known fact in the fitness industry come January 1 many health clubs will flourish with new members bent on 'getting back into shape'. The reality of this and the statistical facts show by March 78% of those new members have fallen off track and no longer working out on a regular basis. I have also read where studies were performed and it was discovered that those who join a gym or martial arts studio before or sometime after the first of the year tend to be more committed to their workout regimen over a longer period of time.

So when we are asked who or what is the best place to exercise I tell them this. First what is your goal? Then find a facility that offers what you truly enjoy when it comes to working out. Some love spinning classes, some have a goal of becoming stronger, while others want a lean body, others might want functional strength along with endurance (think MMA fighters). But whatever you choose make sure it's something you truly enjoy or you will soon find yourself amoung the 78% who end up not using their membership to the fullest.

We at Indiana PIT do understand that our programs may not fit everyone's needs and the most important thing to ask yourself before joining any health club/martial arts studio is do YOU truly enjoy the workouts and the atmosphere of that business. If the answer is 'yes' then you've probably found the place you need to be at that time. Indiana Pit strives to create a family atmosphere and our dedication to continuous improvment of our programs with the goal of keeping YOU the customer coming back smiling for more.

For those of you who are considering finding a gym or martial arts studio to join. Ask if they offer a FREE trial or visitors pass to allow you the chance to see what they have to offer and to get a feel of the atmosphere of the business. Ask yourself if you can see you still working out at this business 12 months from now, if the answer is yes, then you've probably found your new home.

We wish you the best!

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