Thursday, August 22, 2013

TMI - Is This You??

I recieved an interesting email from my Final Option Tactics partner today that I must share with each of you. Below is an excellent example of someone we all probably know, heck it may even by YOU!

This article certainly applies to Tweeting, Facebook, blogging, myspace, pininterest, etc. When it comes to social networking think before you post!

Bob is a concealed carry, pro-gun guy who thinks he is protecting his family.  BUT, his truck displays NRA stickers and his mini-van has “family” type stickers, which advertise where I can find a gun to steal, potential victims to rob from, steal, etc.
His wife blogs endlessly about everything they do.  Right now, they are in Texas and are detailing all their activities.  While they are away, their kids are at home being watched by his wife’s elderly father.  Pictures of each of their kids and their home (interior and exterior floor plans – to show off all the work they have done to it) are posted on their public blog and Facebook. 

Sally (wife) might as well post her social security number online. They unknowing give all the intell to ruin their lives in a 1,000 different ways.  From the blog alone anyone can know everything about their schedule so someone could do a home invasion, hold a kid hostage, force the old man to expose all their valuables to steal.

So, what is the point in home security and carrying a gun when you publicly gush endlessly about every intimate detail about your family for ALL the world to see!

Unfortunately there have been too many people seriously hurt by sharing too much information via the internet. Remember just like good guys use all the great technology to help find criminals; criminals also know how to use modern technology to commit crimes of varying degrees on innocent citizens.

There is no telling how many lives have been affected by criminals who used the very information either you or a family member posted on internet. Put some thought into what you put out on the internet as once it's posted it's out there forever and cannot be taken back.

I personally would rather not give someone all the details of when I'm on vacation and a nice detailed blueprint of my home or personal belongings via social networking. Next time you post ask yourself how could this information be used by a criminal to take advantage of you and your family.