Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Final Option Tactics

Some have asked me what is this Final Option Tactics program all about? Back in 2000 while I was still an active competitor I started to notice there was a real need for a program that cut straight to the chase when it comes to relistic self defense for adults and professionals.
Talking with adults and the reason's they did not want to join a traditional martial arts program was varied some didn't want to wear 'pajamas', others simply didn't have the time to consistantly train to earn a rank or they didn't care about rank. I even had some adults tell me they thought martial arts was kiddie sport.
I realized that there was a real need for a serious tactical defense program but there were several key items that it had to address. First the course had to be realistic and not be based on 'sport' self defense is not about playing by any rules. Secondly it needed to be based on gross motor movement skills as fine motor movement skills go out the window once a serious threat is presented. Third it had to cover all ranges of combat, kicking, punching, clinching, ground and weapons since 80% of all assaults involve a weapon. It also had to be effective regardless of size(key point). It also had to be easy to learn in a matter of hours, not years!
In all we have put together such a course and it has always been met with great results and praise from our clients from the domestic engineer to law enforcement officials. This course is always evolving and changing it was never met to become a stagnant program. When we learn a better method that makes sense and meets our criteria then we roll it into the program.We keep what is useful and discard the rest. This is not an 'art' it is a realistic defensive tactics program designed to teach you to simply cheat at the beginning, middle and end of an assualt.
Final Option Tactics Hand gun Levels I, II and III are led by a former ISP SWAT member and detective. While level I is designed to give a novice the basic of sound shooting skills. Level II & III are designed to teach FOF (force on force) skills and understanding the dangers of a knife attack. Don't believe the old saying 'Don't bring a knife to a gun fight' otherwise you may very well be carried to your grave. It's better known as the Tueller Rule when it comes to a knife attack.To my knowledge we are the only place doing this type of instruction at this time.

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