Monday, December 5, 2011

Home Invasion Seminar

Our recent home invasion seminar was a huge success! Jason did a great job teaching this program with all the information given out along with the various drills performed (slice the pie tactic) along with two bonus items on the proper use of a flashlight to avoid being an easy target and the Home Security Self Accessment form ($149.00 value). This type of class (home invasion) is the first of it's kind taught to civilians in Howard County. While we cannot guarantee your home will not be broken into we can help your home become less of a target along with teaching you how to have the proper 'plan' in place with your family if an intruder were to gain entry into your home.
Next month we will start up our FOT (Final Option Tactics) Handgun Level I and Level II classes. Class sizes are limited to assure quality time is spent with each client. Email us if you want in on one of these classes.

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