Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Comment from one of our Home Invasion attendee's

Wow, yesterday we received a phone call at Indiana Pit about our recent Home Invasion seminar we just had. This call came from a 70 year old female who spent 30 minutes telling me how much she and her husband learned at the 4.5 hour seminar. She told me the information was excellent and they were so educated on what to do and how to properly protect themselves in the case of a home invasion. She was made much more aware of the tactics criminals use to take advantage of good minded citizens and how to make sure their home is not an easy target for the 'bad guys'.
It was great to hear our program made such an impact on our clients and they saw the real value of their investment.

If anyone is interested in attending one of  our Final Option Tactics seminars on Defensive tactics (hand to hand, stick, knife and handgun). Our Level I, II or III Handgun classes or our Home Invasion Seminar drop us an email.

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