Thursday, December 15, 2011


2011 has been an awesome year at Indiana PIT thanks to all our members! When Carrie and I started Indiana PIT the goal was to help as many people as we could to get into better shape or learn how to effectively defend themselves. We wanted our business to be family oriented where all our instructors knew each and everyone's name. Indiana PIT was never about having our 'name' in the limelight but more about helping others fall in love with exercising (CrossPIT) and learning the martial arts (Hawaiian Kempo) can be a positive experience for children as young as 3 years old up to someone that is in their 70's.

Some clients thought we were new comers when it came to kickboxing but we were the originators who brought Cardio karate to Kokomo back in 1998 at my karate instructors (Mr. Bethea) studio (Kokomo School of Self Defense). This was one way we gave back to my instructor for being so good to us over the years teaching me karate. Carrie trained the instructors at Mr. Betheas dojo back in the day.

From this incredible journey we now have some of the most talented instructors around. Without these fine men and women it would be hard to have the level of success we have experienced at Indiana PIT. Andy Smith you are simply irreplaceable and we are blessed to have you as an instructor. Beth Notaro you've gone to California and trained with us at John's (The PIT) you have headed up our 9 am CrossPIT program and been a great Hawaiian Kempo student. Jeremy Mast you are my protégé, simply put you are one of the most taleneted martial artist I have ever had the pleasure of training. It's rare that I meet someone that has the desire to not only improve their self but more importantly you have been so great at helping others in class. Katie Reynolds you've become a beast teaching CrossPIT and For Women, by Women Boot Camp and now branched out to our sister club in Tipton, keep up the great job!

Carrie you've helped Indiana PIT grow so much and done so much to help it become what it is today. Carrie brainstormed the unique For Women By Women Boot Camp. Yes there are boot camps all over but none were dedicated to women only. The things going on in this unique boot camp are totally different and the only place you can get it is at Indiana PIT. Santa Shred co-ed class has also been a huge hit with our clients.

Now for 2012, we are working on the line up and we have new programs coming that will again be ground breaking. Each one will be unique in their own ways and open the doors for many new members to become involved at Indiana PIT.. 

On behalf of Indiana PIT and it's staff we thank all of you for your support of our programs!

Happy Holidays

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