Monday, April 16, 2012

Everyones Favorite Exercise Burpee

How to do Burpees Burpees are an excellent strength and conditioning bodyweight exercise that incorporate rapid, explosive movements that will quickly get your heart pounding. Burpees include three exercises into one explosive movement: Sprawls, Push Ups, and Squat Jumps. Looking to take your interval training to the next level? Add Burpees.
Purpose/Focus: Strength, Conditioning
Body Parts Used: Core, Legs, Arms, Shoulders, Chest, Back
Difficulty: Moderate

Exercise Steps
Step 1 From a standing position, put your hands on the ground and kick your feet behind you, putting yourself in a push up position.
Step 2 As soon as your feet are back, perform a single push up. From there, kick your feet forward in between your hands and explode up, swing both arms forward, and jump as high as you can into the air.
Step 3 Absorb the impact from the jump by dropping your hands and performing another repetition.
Tips Make sure you absorb the impact from the jump with your legs; do not land with your knees locked, or try to immediately return to a standing position. If Burpees are too difficult initially, perform Sprawls instead until you have built up the conditioning necessary for Burpees.
Exercise Pictures
Bodyweight Exercise by Mark de Grasse: Burpee Step 1 Bodyweight Exercise by Mark de Grasse: Burpee Step 2 Bodyweight Exercise by Mark de Grasse: Burpee Step 3

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