Monday, April 16, 2012

AeroShot Pure Energy

AeroShot Review by Mark de Grasse of My Mad Methods MagazineProduct: AeroShot Pure Energy
Producer: Breathable Foods
Price: $29.99
Where to Buy:
Here’s the situation: you’re on day 30 of your workout plan, it’s 5:00AM, the only time you have to workout all day. You’re tired and sore and you just aren’t “feeling it” right now. You don’t want to mix a pre-workout drink; no motivation to make a pot of coffee. You’re about to lay back down when you reach for your AeroShot, take a breath, and BAM! Nearly instantaneous energy and alertness.
AeroShot is an innovative new energy supplement developed by a Harvard Professor.  It’s basically a shot of caffeine and B vitamins in a simple (but very creative) delivery system. Open it, take a puff, and you’re done! The light powder instantly dissolves in your mouth and into your system (no need to wait for your stomach to get around to digesting the caffeine from a pre-workout drink or cup of coffee). Each canister contains about 100mg of caffeine, about the same as a large cup of coffee without delay, coffee breath, stained teeth, or the list of additives found in pre-workout supplements.
AeroShot was not created specifically as a pre-workout supplement, but we could see the advantages over typical workout-boosting solutions: it hits quick, it’s super portable and doesn’t involve mixing messy powders, and it doesn’t contain who-knows-what that typical supplements like N.O. Xplode contain. After using it several times in a variety of settings, I can say this: AeroShot is awesome!
As much as I like to keep things “pure” when it comes to fitness, the truth is, I couldn’t operate my business, enhance my fitness levels, and have any kind of life without a boost every now and then. I don’t like the taste of coffee, I’m guilty when I drink Red Bulls (even if they’re sugar free), and I never purchase pre-workout supplements because they make me jittery and unfocused. AeroShot delivers quickly and easily, and I’ve found that the “boost” is just enough to help me focus and get moving without making me bounce off the walls. For my workouts, the extra pep helped me excel without making me nauseous. As an assistant to completing this magazine late into the night and early in the morning, it was perfect.
Here’s a tip: when you use AeroShot, don’t treat it like some kind of deep-breathing exercise; avoid the temptation to suck it all down at once, you’ll just get a mouthful of bleh. In that quantity, AeroShot doesn’t taste great, however, if you break it down into smaller doses, you’ll find the taste enjoyable and it will start to grow on you. At this point, I really can’t wait for this product to be available in bulk.

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