Friday, October 4, 2013

CrossPIT Fitness Ranking

We are proud to announce that soon we will be starting our CrossPit Fitness Ranking system!

This will be another first for Indiana Pit Kokomo's leading edge martial arts and fitness studio. The ranking will be scaled by age for Men and Women. This is a comprehensive and standardized ranking system used for gauging individuals fitness levels. This is not a system based on how long you have been  at our studio or how much your trainers think you have improved.

Over the years Indiana Pit has helped it's members get into the best shape of their lives. Now we are about to introduce a new ranking system for those who are ready to set new goals and face new challenges that will allow our students to proudly display their current fitness rank. Some asked if we were awarding belts, no, we are not doing a martial arts belt to recongize your rank. This is going to truly be a unique system that each of our students can proudly display to their team mates, family and friends.

Members soon we will let you know if your interested in earning rank on how this process will work. Oh and one last thing, your rank testing is FREE!

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