Wednesday, June 20, 2012

One Year On The Dolce Diet

One Year On The Dolce Diet  

by member, Todd H. 
As of March 2012 it has been a year that I have been Living Lean.

The results from this lifestyle change have been clearly evident to me and others around me. When I see people that I have not seen in while they immediately tell me how trim, fit and healthy I look. It is a great feeling and whenever that happens it gives me an extra boost to continue on my path of healthy living.

As I have reported in prior blog posts, I went from 215 to 188 lbs. in just over a month on 3W2S (3 Weeks to Shredded). Using 3W2S as my template I started to change every part of my life, cleaning out the junk and replacing it with pure energy provided by the earth. Now Living Lean has given me yet another boost in the right direction. I love the recipes and workout suggestions, and have made them a part of my daily life.

Speaking of recipes, my favorite is the "Oats & Berries Smoothie." I took it upon myself to name it, "The REAL Big Gulp". It is a welcome treat for me pre-workout or post workout and my wife loves it as well.

My first goal was to get trim, I did. My second goal was to feel better, that came. Other by products of Living Lean were, I got faster, stronger, better cardio, sleep more and better, able to train harder and longer. I have hit all my goals that I set. 
This year's goal is to gain some muscle but stay lean and fast. I have already gone up from 188 to 191 since I have focused on strength (while still retaining my six pack). More weights, kettle bells, tractor tires and old school stuff such as pull ups, push ups, burpees, sprawls, etc.

I know it is hard to break ingrained habits, especially when it comes to food. I encourage you to work hard, break those habits. You WILL see and feel the results and you will never want to look back.

A great movie quote taken from eastern philosophy, Morpheus said, "There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path."
Don't just read it, do it, walk the path and others will follow.

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