Wednesday, January 11, 2012


We know there are a lot of choices for martial arts and fitness in Howard County. Many times we are asked what sets Indiana PIT apart from other businesses? I will now do my best to explain why we are different..

Indiana PIT is not your typical gym. Our clients have a name and all our staff work hard to know each person that walks through our doors. You not a bar code on a key fob. We don't enroll you and take you through a tour of the gym give you one personal training session and then wish you luck in reaching your goals.

You won't come to Indiana PIT find a tread mill get on it and watch TV or plug in your ipod and do your boring 30-40 minutes of cardio work and then go home (how do people do this?). You won't find a bunch of machines in our facility. You won't find a bunch of 'hidden' add on's once you've signed up for a 'basic' cheap intro program either. Yes many places will pull you into their business on the promise of a very cheap agreement but once you've signed you're normally on your own or if you'd like to try an additional class it will cost you more money. It's a well documented fact that 86% of people who join a gym quit going after the first month. Why is that? Boredom and no one keeping you accountable is my guess.

What will you find at Indiana PIT? 
Professional staff smiling to see you in class!
You're not in this alone, the teaching staff will help you gain back your health, energy, endurance and confidence that you can be successful in your goals.
We were the first to bring fitness kickboxing to Kokomo back in 1998 at Kokomo School of Self-Defense!
Structured classes designed to be challenging, different and fun! You won't be bored.
All classes led by a highly qualifed instructor!
Clean environment!
Accountability we are here to help remind you of your goals!
Family you have a name at Indiana PIT
Results driven...many of our clients have tried other programs and fad diets only to fall back into their old habits. We will show you how to make the proper adjustments to be the person you want to be.

There is so much more so come in or give us a call you'll be glad you did.

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